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Our clients recognize our unique value as speakers at their events. With a background rooted in successful leadership roles and entrepreneurial ventures, our presentations are not just about sharing information; they provide a transformative experience for the audience. We bring a depth of expertise that resonates with professionals across various industries, offering real-world insights and practical strategies derived from navigating the complexities of business.

Tab Pierce


Tab Pierce has been called the Negative Millionaire. At one point, holding the unenviable distinction of being a million dollars in debt.

After years of profitable business growth, he found that a few poor business decisions would have colossal outcomes that threatened his once-strong business and caused him to question his self-worth. There were feelings he was a fraud, failure, and unworthy. As a result, depression, vulnerability, and fear were constant companions. In despair and disbelief, he turned to his network of professionals to help him get his business back on track. To his amazement, most gave the same advice, “shut your doors and walk away.” Only a select few had the belief he could turn it around, and even fewer dove in to help. Over a twenty-six month time span, not only did he fully recover, but his business is successfully running stronger than ever.


Today, he uses the lessons learned from his experience to help entrepreneurs and business owners see that there is a path to success and that the pathway is glorious and worth the adventure. He teaches people how to be strong and powerful in adversity and reach new heights thereafter.

Tab is the founder and CEO of Caliber Security Partners, a cyber security services firm that secures many of the globe's most recognized brands. Along with his wife, Catherine, he's also the owner of Networked Live. He sits on the board at 3P&T Security Recruiting, Drug-Free Business, and Traitware. He's the author of Upsurge: Wreckage to Triumph, Rebuilding Your Personal and Business Life, and is currently writing his second book, Outlast Everything. Tab coaches professionals in areas such as taking their vision and turning it into reality using the Opportunity Pipeline he created, which helped him rebuild and ultimately experience exponential growth in all areas of his life.



After a 30-year career as a homemaker, raising children, and helping her mother-in-law through the final years of her life, Catherine began her second career in 2018 as the CEO of 3P&T Security Recruiting. In 2021, the Managing Director of Networked Live. That was a massive shift, not just from one field to another, but a mental shift that she could successfully make the transition.


She’s also a speaker and trainer, helping women transition their careers from believing where they've been and where they are now is not their final destination. Once they believe they can accomplish something they can get others to believe they can accomplish it too. She’s living proof of this; many Fortune 500 and Enterprise businesses turn to her as their cyber security resourcing leader.


What's her objective? To help everyone maximize those things within their control and reach the career aspirations they've only dreamed about.



Moving the mediocre to good, the good to great, and the great to extraordinary by elevating their current reality and unlocking their potential.


Shea is a former two-time Major League Baseball all-star, having played for the Boston Red Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, Toronto Blue Jays, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Angels, and Los Angeles Dodgers.


Shea is a one-of-a-kind dynamic speaker and global elite performance coach to business leaders. Shea helps them unlock their elite performance by mastering the inner game to win in all areas of their lives so that they can give true meaning to their success.


Shea shares his inspiring Emmy Award-Winning story structured around the MLB Mindset Formula to inspire and challenge people to go above and beyond to help their team win.



During his 35 years of experience in the classroom and in the coaching profession, Chris Carlisle has inspired people of all walks of life to maximize their full potential. Because of his charismatic presentations and uplifting message, he has become one of the most sought-after motivational speakers on the circuit.


Carlisle focuses on professional and personal development of individuals as well as developing a sound, successful culture in team and business settings.  


Chris’ principles of leadership are cutting edge because they all have come from his experiences working with the top leaders in the sports and business world.  His ability to create a “Champions Mindset” has allowed his clients to not only get to the top of the corporate world, but to remain at the top.   


CoachC’s book, Move or Die: Creating a Game Plan from Stuck to Significance, became a bestseller a month after it was released. The book focuses on overcoming life’s pitfalls and barriers that slow, and even stop, an individual’s progression to living their optimal life.  His natural ability as a storyteller, makes the book an amazing read, and one that is deeply impactful.  Each chapter is a stage in your life. From when you begin your climb to the top and finally how you ensure that you leave your mark at the end of your career.


Coach Carlisle is the only coach to ever win championships at every level of coaching (High School, Junior College, College and the NFL).  His methods work not only on the field but have been proven to work in the boardroom and in life.  Lean into his experience and his methods to optimize your life and the lives of those around you.


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